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Providing a source of energy for the cells – cells get energy from different sources, food, water, movement and external energy sources which is what PEMF is, an external energy source which provides the opportunity for cells to get electrons so that they can be stronger and work more optimally.


It will help get your body back to balance after the trauma of pregnancy and child birth.

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Whether your birth was natural or by c-section PEMF is known to help with reducing scarring as well as helping with postpartum depression, making mood swings less frequent, speeding up wound healing, contributing to your overall well-being, and more.


When used properly and directed accurately, electromagnetic fields can provide you with partial to complete pain relief after a cesarean section. The idea lies in increasing blood oxygen levels and drug-free stimulation of the healing process.

Numerous studies have been carried out over the last years to determine the effects of this therapy. After a series of PEMF sessions, those women who have delivered their babies through incisions report significant relief of post-op contractions and swelling. The regular use of electromagnetic stimulation is also said to reduce scarring and help with postpartum depression, making mood swings less frequent. More importantly, PEMF therapy can be used instead of medications, and it doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding.


Being a mom is always a bitter-sweet experience. Most new moms have to face health issues that come with labor, delivery, and postpartum depression.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, also known as PEMF, is a safe and natural treatment that can help treat depression and improve overall mental health. PEMF simulates the earth’s natural magnetic field to improve circulation and cell metabolism. It uses low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields to easily penetrate the body to provide more energy for dysfunctional cells and balance hormones in the body.

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In 2006, the FDA approved PEMF therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that PEMF has a significant effect on anxiety and depression in chronic and acute cases. 

Although women may experience it differently, there’s no denying that labor is associated with unbearable pain. What is worse is that it’s unlikely to go away even after giving birth. Because your body goes through a series of intense contractions during labor, you may feel abdominal pain for the next 5 to 6 weeks (or longer if complications occur). Do not disregard discomfort in your back, either. Carrying a baby inside for 9 months will have its toll on how you feel after everything is over, as well.

Do not take it the wrong way. Vaginal births also entail a range of unpleasant symptoms, including uterine discharge, tender breasts, and hormone-related hair loss. But surgical deliveries through incisions require more long-term after-cesarean-operation care because of:

  • Post-op contractions

These are a sort of afterpain that feels much like menstrual cramps. Abdominal contractions often occur within the first week after a C-section.

  • Pain with urination

Having trouble urinating is a common symptom after non-vaginal childbirth. If that’s your case, you need routine postoperative care after a cesarean section.

  • Scars

With the newest incision technologies, C-section scars are now less visible than they were before. That said, they still cause moms to feel down about their appearance.

  • Mood swings

Many find post-labor baby blues normal. But those women who have undergone C-deliveries report more frequent mood changes, which is why the right care is necessary.

How Can PEMF help
After Pregnancy?

  • Helps your body get back to balance after pregnancy and childbirth

  • Helps with postpartum depression

  • Helps reduce inflammation

  • Helps to regain energy

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How Can PEMF help
a Newborn?

  • Helps promote better sleeping

  • Helps with colic and upset bellies

  • Helps with immunodeficiencies

  • Helps reduce inflammation 

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